WinApay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is WinApay About?
winApay is an online educational game base platform designed to make learning Fun and Rewarding

Q: How does WinApay work?

WinApay works in 3 Simple step.

First: Read the game content of your choice and understand every single details

Secondly; Click the Play Button to take a Quiz about what you learnt from the content.

Thirdly: See your point after a successful play and convert it to a reward (Cash) straight to your wallet for withdrawal.

See more details how winapay work, click here or watch a video here

Q: When do I get paid (reward)?
 You get paid when you play a game. For the Paid Game, you get paid when you answer all questions correctly. You also get point for every games you play including the Free game.

You can then convert your point to a reward.


Q: How can i withdraw my money after winning?
Login to your winApay account and then Click the “withdraw menu” to select the amount to withdraw into your bank account.

Note: Minimum withdrawal is 2,000 Naira

Q: How long does it take to get paid to my bank account?
Less than 24 hours.

Q: Must I pay Money To Create a Game?
You don’t have to pay money to create a free game. Free game are free To create

But for a paid game, you pay the prize of the winner in advance,  before creating a paid game.

Watch a video on how to create a game here

Q: How many times can i win a day?

Q: Can i edit my game?
Yes.  You can edit your game.

Q: How can I fund my wallet?

You can fund your winapay wallet by clicking on the ,>> Make payment menu>> input the amount to credit your account with and pay online using a secure payment gateway (Paystack).

There is no limit to the amount you can fund your account with.

You can also pay via a bank transfer using the company details on the >> Make Payment >> page and your wallet will be funded in few minutes

Q: How does the Leaderboard Work?
For every game you play, You acquire point. Those point are used to rank you on the leaderboard table. The point is used to Increase your Reputation on the platform and helps winApay reward you from time to time.

Q: How is point allocated?

The Following are ways you acquire point:

You acquire point, everytime people play your game(free game) :    1

You acquire point, everytime people play your game(paid game) :    10

You acquire point, everytime you play a Free game on the platform :  2 point per correct question answered.

You acquire point, everytime you play a Paid game on the platform :  5 point per correct questions answered.


Q. Can I convert my point to reward?

Yes, you can convert your point to reward but your boost package must be active to initiate the conversion.

Q. What is the minimum point i can convert?

Minimum point you can convert is : 20 Point

Q: What is the conversion rate from point to reward?

There is no fix rate. But you can convert your point using this simple method: (Total point) / ( 3 to 15 ).

For example: 2000 point when converted will range between 150 – 400 Naira

Q: why am i not in the Leaderboad table?

The leaderboard only shows Top 20 gamers based on point ranking for that day, When your point is lower that the least gamer on the table, It won’t be visible on the Top 20 gamer leaderboad list.

Q: What are the transfer charges to my bank account?

WinApay charges 100 Naira per 1000 transfer.

Q: What is boost and how can i use it ?

Boost helps to Increase your point for every game activity you do on winApay.

Benefits for Boosting
1. You Earn 10 Points Every Hour.
2. You get 10 Points for evey question answered correctly on the free Game.
3. You get 15 Points for evey question answered correctly on the paid Game.
4. You Get the benefit of Converting your Points to Cash!!!

Q: Why was my payment delayed after 24 hours?

Your payment may be delayed for various reason. One of the main reason why your payment is delayed or might not be paid is if your bank account details doesn’t tally with your winapay account name.

You must provide your accurate account name so as for us to know that we are paying the real owner of the account.

Q: Do i get paid for refering a friend on WinApay?

Yes, you get paid in Point either 100 , 500 and 1000 point respectively per people you refer with your code. They are to use your code upon registration on the site. You get paid when your refers boost.

For every single time the people you refer boost, you get point. you can convert your point to reward anytime.

To see your Refer Code, Login to your account and check the leaderboard to copy the Code( Usually a unique number)

Q: Is my payment details save?


Q: How can i contact winApay Support?
 You can chat us directly on whatsapp for any issue and it will be resolve immediately

Q: Can’t find answer to my Question?

Kindly email us your Question on: or whatsapp

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