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These days there are a lot of educational apps, but not all meet the needs of educators. Many of them are not easy to Navigate. But to make your search easier, we have searched through a lot of educational app that teachers and students love and use to make their classroom interesting. Many of this app are free and suitable for teachers and student. Some of them can be used from any country in the…

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Top 6 Ed-tech Startup Transforming Learning In Africa

  The educational sector is taking a new shape and many innovation are being applied to ensure that the Educational sector is Improved On. The following startup has shown development in their various ways in which they are solving the educational Problem in Africa. Top 6 Ed-tech Startup Transforming Learning In Africa WinApay WinApay.com is an online game base platform designed to make learning Fun and Rewarding. It is founded by Zimako Daniel Great and…

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How to generate new sales for your business.

How to generate new sales for your business Every small business owners are continuously looking to expand their customers and grow their business sales. Growth is important and must be look critically in the business growth stage.   Your Business growth may be  difficult,  but getting the right tactics to use in other to get more Sales for your new business. The important way to growing a business is having access to a steady stream of…

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Online business Online Game

3 Sure Ways To Make Money Online Daily

3 Sure Ways To Make Money Online Daily The truth be told, There is no easy way to make money Online. The Online business is a good avenue to make money but it takes time and effort. But there is just 3 things you must do to make money Online daily with the Use of winApay. WinApay is one of the Largest online educational platform with more than 80,000 users that enables you make money…

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6 Ways To Grow Fast A Startup Business

6 Ways To Grow Fast A Startup Business Growth is the life blood of every startup business. The less of blood you get, the more tendency you die. This has been one of the main reason every business man or entrepreneur ensures they think growth along side their business. As a startup entrepreneur, you have to work with low budget on marketing and managing operational cost just to keep the business running. Growth is your…

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New System Of Education In Nigeria.

        A New System Of Education In Nigeria The Educational system in Nigeria will always need Reforming and the best way to reform education is to attach a system that improve the already system. In Country like Nigeria, Technology has not be fully harness in the educational sector compare to other developed countries. with Technology and e- learning, Nigerians could improve its educational sector which will be an added advantage. Platform like…

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Health Tip Nigerians Must Adhere To.

Keeping your health on-check is very important . your Health is a critical factor to how you Live, Behave and determine your Productivity as human. Researchers have come up with a lot of tips to keep your health Strong and Active. Here are 15 health tips you must adhere to in other to stay fit and strong. 1. Don’t Drink Sugar Calories Sugary drinks are the most fattening things you can put into your body. This…

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Nigeria Food: How To Prepare Fried Rice In Nigeria

Guide On How To Prepare Friend Rice In Nigeria The Best method to cook the Delicious Fried Rice you are searching for is right in front of You. Fried rice is one of the most widely eaten Nigerian food; it is accepted by almost every Nigerian both at home and in Diaspora. The process of making fried rice is a bit complicating but gets easier with time. Here is the complete ingredient for making this…

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Edutech: WinApay plan To Make Learning Fun

This is an Important article that we believe is in the right move towards the Education sector in Nigeria. Mostly making education digital and Learning Fun has been at the front of the heart of the Founders. We are please and happy to announce that a new features and re-branding of our game will be Up soon. This re-branding will give everyone the leverage of using winapay platform to create quality and engaging content that…

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Quicknews Platform Got Featured On WinApay

Quicknews.com.ng is Nigeria News Platform that gives Nigerians short and brief news about Nigeria Economy. On the 20th January 2019. Quicknews Nigeria Featured Winapay On their platform with a constructive vision to transform learning and education using gaming. See article here: WinApay Online Gaming Platform  Transforming Education Quicknews.com.ng is one of the Online Platform that Delivers Fresh Updates on Technology, Entertainment, Sport, lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, News Content, etc on a daily Basis to visitors all over Our Mission…

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