How To Grow Your Business With Winapay

Starting a business is really a long term goal for every entrepreneur or business owner. The business world is filled with many noise, and only business with Real value can stand out from the noise and win the competition.

One big struggle every business face is GROWTH, as this could take years and money to start yielding positive result. Today you will be learning how to grow your business with a reward stand-alone app (Winapay).

Ideally, it is believed that rewarding your loyal customers is a great way to foster business and customer relationship. This relationship lead to more product awareness and possible sales either in the now or in the future.

Furthermore, Note that winapay is an educational game based app that makes learning fun and rewarding for customers (people).

How To Grow Your Business With Winapay.

Winapay runs a brand Loyalty program for businesses and this feature is known as the Winapay for business . This features allows brand host Quizzes about their product or business and share to customers via email or on their social media brand account. This features allow brand to gain more customers, engage new and existing customer by giving out Learnable quiz or content about your brand while your loyal customers engage them for either a reward, which could be a discount or a free ticket purchase. With winapay, customers could get to know all available features or product of a brand mostly when the brand has many product that the customer are not fully aware of.

Apart from that, thousands of prospective people from over 52 countries visit winapay monthly, this could be an added advantage for brand who hope to test the foreign market before diving into it.

6 ways winapay helps your business Grow.

Business is profitable when there is Growth. So with winapay, a business could grow their customer base and increase sales in the following way:

  1. Educate Customers : Creating a business account for your business on the winapay app, helps you educate your customer about all the service that your brand offers and the value they get when they patronize you. Most customers only know your business as a one product business, so they patronize your product anytime they want to buy that particular product. with an account on winapay, you can host trivia quizzes about your new product and share via email or social media to get some of your customers to engage for a monthly discount as reward. The information they digest is used to test to their knowledge on how well they understand your product and any other service your business offers. It is the best way to keep your social media fan engage too as they get to learn and have fun with your brand trivia quizzes.
  2. Referral : The winapay for business features is designed with a growth hacking system that enable customers share and refer others to your business. Upon every game, a customer who learn about what you do, could share your business or product to other people within their contact list via Whatsapp or email.
  3. Better Customer Communication
    Business can offers a direct sale line to customers, making communication much easier. Aside from announcing new products/services, promoting sales using push notification, a brand can market their product to a wide range of customer. This is possible due to the fact that every customer who take a brand quiz, becomes the brand follower and would be informed when the brand have new product to offer.
  4. Leverage on Push Notification : Whenever a brand create a quiz campaign, winapay sent push notification to customers and potential customer who might be interested in your service to learn and engage with your brand campaign. These way a new customer get to know what you do, and might patronize your business.
  5. Collect Data : Business receive insightful data on customer behavior, habit and also analyse this data for other marketing purpose. Consumer data gets recorded in the company’s dashboard as soon as a customers takes the brand quiz campaign. Companies can use this data for omni-channel, offline, and customer segmentation, profiling their best customers and tailoring their offerings to specific groups of consumers. These data gives the company a complete view of customer behavior, buying habits, and preferences, the company can use this information to invigorate its customer satisfaction and promotional planning.
  6. Reward Loyal Customer: With winapay, you can automatically reward real customers from the app. Companies have no stress on manually rewarding their customer, as that is tackled on the app on behalf of the brand.To Create a Business Account on winapay, business should check here to register and start engaging customers with quizzes and receiving customer insight on the Go.

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