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How Celebrity Makes Money with winapay App

How Celebrity Makes Money With WinApay App

Ever since social media became a boom  in the early 2000s, the rise of social influencers has being on the increase. As a proof of fact, many people today can’t go a day without checking what’s happening around the world through social media.

This has open opportunities to many people to hash their fans base on one platform and open the opportunity for people to follow their preferred celebrity on a day to day activity on what’s happening around them. Adding to that, there have been a lot of speculation online about how much money a celebrity makes on social media app like Instagram, You-tube, Facebook, and Twitter, but not many realize the huge potential of using winapay, an app that helps celebrity reward their followers using quizzes and at the same time receive token on subscription.

To make you understand what winapay is all about, i will like to explain various way celebrities make money on the following social media app and how winapay is different and unique from them all.

First as you know, App like Instagram enable users post photos and video about anything. So celebrities who have built their followers list on Instagram have more potential to get their post spread across to huge audience or fans.

A celebrity with 5 million followers can post photos and get over a 1 million view from that single photo post. so looking at the potential of getting information across to huge fans. Brands sees the opportunity, and endorse a celebrity to help publicize their promotion content or advert to 5 Million followers of their followers list. so celebrities get paid to promote  brands to their followers.

These same method is used for other social media app, but promotion like this doesn’t come regularly, but the good fact is a post on a celebrity fan page of 5 million follower cost about $5,000 to $100,000 per post on social media such as YouTube, Facebook , Twitter , Snapchat or  Instagram.

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Many celebrities today, find it hard advertising other brand product because this kind of deal doesn’t come frequently and the pay isn’t that sustainable to keep their daily needs. So in order to keep revenue coming In, they go into other business venture or host shows(event and Tour). Though social media has been of great impact for billions of people all over the world in communication, but for celebrities it has been an avenue to speak their mind, talk to their fans or followers and possibly inform their fans they love.

What more can a celebrity do, if not engaging his fans regularly and monetizing the experience automatically using the First stand-alone reward app(WinApay).

WinApay is a mobile game-based app that help celebrities monetize their activity on social media as followers learn about them or their product( Including event, tour or giveaway) everyday using winapay app. Celebrities create game quiz about their personality, activities or event and post link of this game on their social media account, while followers engage to stand a chance to win either a gift, free ticket or cash depending on criteria selected by themselves (celebrity).

Fans love to hear from their favorite celebrities, and engaging them with a quiz game will boost their excitement and make them know you more personally. Apart from the engagement, many want to receive reward or gifts from their favorite celebrities and the best way to do that is to use winapay to engage them while winapay reward your followers on your behalf without you necessarily doing anything at all.

So what the App does for celebrities is giving the fans or followers the opportunity to learn about their Celebrity and take a quiz about what they learnt , while Top selected fans will be rewarded instantly.

Upon each quiz taken, winapay could allow a fan take a quiz about its favorite celebrity again but at a token if they aren’t satisfied about their score at a token for a whole month. The token get share between the celebrity and winapay in form of commission per subscription.

Celebrity could choose to reward 3 to 100 fans daily either through gift ,cash or free ticket to the winners. winapay helps give celebrity information on number of users engaging on their quizzes, Number of fans or followers who has subscribe to a celeb quiz and the token paid to take more quiz if fans are not satisfied or what to take more quizzes.

 How much a celebrity could Make with Winapay

The amount of money a celebrity could make is totally dependent on the number of people who engage on the game quiz, which is also a condition of the total number of followers. If 20% of followers from a 5 million followers base engage on a celebrity quiz, the amount he is likely to make will range from $50,000 to $500,000 monthly. If your follower base is less or more, you can make less or more money monthly.

Comparison between Social media monetization with Winapay

With social media monetization , a celebrity can make between $5,000 to $100,000 on other social media account, but will need more than one brand promotion a month to consistently make up to $50,000 to $500,000, while with winapay, a celebrity has a high probability of making $50,000 to $500,000 monthly consistently without thinking of what goes wrong as long as they consistently engage their followers and ensure fans/ followers enjoy learning about them or are interested in their offer/ event.

How to register and monetize an account with winapay

To start your campaign, create a business account on the website or mobile app on google play.

Click the register button, to sign up to your celebrity account.

Next stage is creating your first Free campaign and after that you can share your campaign on your page.

when followers take quizzes, you see the number of users that have taken the quiz, their data and how many subscribers including the revenue per quiz taken.

so tracking your earning at a go, is an exciting part of winapay and this way, you see transparency on how far your account is doing and cashing out takes within 24 hours upon request.

Still in doubt, then keep calm….The No.1 entertainment Platform in Nigeria use winapay to engage and reward million of visitors on their platform. They are making an undisclosed revenue today, which i believe other celebrity will join soon.

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Finally, diversifying once’s source of income is important, most as a celebrity who need to keep up to trend in the industry. Multiple stream of income must not be neglected in keeping you financially abundant in running your daily luxurious lifestyle. so in as much as social media is working fine, using the stand-alone reward app to keep your fans happy and engaged should be the top priority of every celebrity who plan to make more money consistently in their career.

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