6 Ways To Grow Fast A Startup Business

6 Ways To Grow Fast A Startup Business tips To grow fast your business

Growth is the life blood of every startup business. The less of blood you get, the more tendency you die. This has been one of the main reason every business man or entrepreneur ensures they think growth along side their business.

As a startup entrepreneur, you have to work with low budget on marketing and managing operational cost just to keep the business running. Growth is your main focus and you will need to put effort and brain work to ensure you take the best practice for your business to grow.
Sadly, it takes 5 out of every 100 startup business to succeed after 5 years of their establishment. This Shows that startup business are prone to fail even within 1 to 2 years of their existence. But yours can be that 5 out of the 100s that must succeed.

Today, I will be sharing 6 ways you can growth fast your startup business as an entrepreneur. This tips will guide you on what step to take to Increase Growth and Sales for your business. As a young and experience entrepreneur who have failed in the early days of my business before mastering the true pointer of growth. I will show you the practical tips how i grow my startup WinApay to 70,000+ users in 4 months.

Furthermore, Generating new business by growing your customer base is important to your business success. However, it can sometimes be very challenging.

Here are some practical tips to help you grow your Startup Business.

Uniqueness of product or Services

One important thing you must ensure in your startup business is Uniqueness of your product or service. Your product or service must be something people need and want. One way to know a unique product or services is getting to know your customer view about how impactful your product or services is to them. This way, you will rate your business base on need and know where to strengthen it.
Any Product or service that improve and satisfy the needs of people is a Unique product. If the product is Unique, then the next move is marketing or getting the product to the eyes of the people or your prospective customers. This are one of the things i checked before releasing my product.

Growth hack the design

The next thing is Growth Hack the Startup product or service design. You might be offering a service or product but in between the process, ensure that your product is shareable by customers or client. Make your business valuable that will make people want to talk to friends about it.
Further more, people talk and share their experience with friends about a business service either good or bad. when you make your product or service shareable with a good users experience and ease of use, then it will be easier to growth fast with just 1,000 customers to 2,000 customers in months.

Social media awareness.

Without a doubt, social media is a very important and powerful tool to drive massive awareness to your business. It helps you reaches out to thousands upon millions of people online. To growth fast, ensure your business is engaging people or potential customers about your startup business in your social media account.

You can also user WinApay for business, to drive massive traffic to your business blog and get thousands of people to know about your new service or product by just creating a quiz about your business

You create a write-up content about your new product or service offering to thousands of people who are already interested about new product online and are willing to spread them for you. All you just have to do as an entrepreneur with limited budget is creating a product marketing content campaign about the product or service and paying a loyalty fee for people who take up quizzes about your brand.

Once out of every thousand users who learn about your startup business, you pay only when they get 10/10 score mark at the quiz , which you are to set. This way, you will drive thousands to learn about you, and visit your business when they love the service your business Offers. you can try it for free here, if you have a low budget to growth fast your business.

Customer Loyalty program

It really takes time to encourage customers to come and buy what you have to offer, mostly if it is a new product or service they don’t know about. I face this challenges along the way, but the best way to create trust for my business is to Run Loyalty Program, but before i did that, i ensure all process of the business was working perfectly okay.

Note, it’s not enough to just get them to know about your business. You need to encourage loyalty. Considering that there are other competitors who could offer them better, you want them to remain loyal to you and one way to do that is ensuring they Learn about your business and they engage in a quiz section about your business , which you will stimulate a users experience about how good your brand is toward developing learning and rewarding them at the same time.

Starting a loyalty program, just in few minutes can be done here 

Good Customer service

Customer service are very important in every startup business. You must know that your customer is the first and last thing that drive your business growth. You must ensure your customer service is available at all time to attend to customer complain.


Partnership is necessary at some point if it will drive growth. Partner with businesses that have a common goal of growing your business while your business give something back as a response too.

Certain business have the customers you need and even more, you can partner with them if you know you the goal of the business and yours can work together.

In conclusion, Growth is key to succeed, but you will need at least a budget to speed up growth. As a experience entrepreneur, you will grow faster if you can drive massive traffic your business and when millions of people know more about you.




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