New System Of Education In Nigeria.

        A New System Of Education In Nigeria

The Educational system in Nigeria will always need Reforming and the best way to reform education is to attach a system that improve the already system. In Country like Nigeria, Technology has not be fully harness in the educational sector compare to other developed countries.

with Technology and e-

learning, Nigerians could improve its educational sector which will be an added advantage. Platform like WinApay is already developing its technology to meet the standard of learning in Nigeria by making Learning Fun and engaging.


Taking Learning Online

You can not underestimate the online business, as it contribute to education development in Nigeria. Google search has done well for many institutions and have grant student access to educational journals, blogs and information.

With a Good system On ground,  where learning could be fun and not only that, you still get rewarded for learning. WinApay Limited is committed towards making the educational sector more engaging and fun thereby encouraging people from across every country to learn from each other, Create their games and get instant reward when people play them.


With over 80,000+ daily users playing games on winapay.com , it has showed a massive increase in learning within the educational sector.



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