Edutech: WinApay plan To Make Learning Fun

This is an Important article that we believe is in the right move towards the Education sector in Nigeria. Mostly making education digital and Learning Fun has been at the front of the heart of the Founders.

We are please and happy to announce that a new features and re-branding of our game will be Up soon. This re-branding will give everyone the leverage of using winapay platform to create quality and engaging content that will gear learning.

and won on our platform. We want to say thank you for being with us all this years and are laying down plans for making it FUN and more engaging

One big plans we have laid down is to ensure everyone on can learn and also get rewarded but in a more innovate way.

The future of edutech will be renovated in Africa and we are hoping that the new features of the NEW winapay will bring a liberation to educational technology in Nigeria.

Apart from that, it will improve the economy and encourage entrepreneurship development as people learn and engage in Information in a Gamified way.

An article published by Disrupt Africa explain more about our new move. Read here: How Nigerian Ed-tech startup WinApay is gamifying Learning 



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