Fashion , Style and Make Up In Nigeria

Fashion , Style and Make Up

Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves. A fashion can become the prevailing style in behaviour or manifest the newest creations of designer.

In Nigeria, Fashion is part of Life. You have to dress more appealing if you want to look attractive to your hubby. So to get started i will like to highlight some few Fashion and Make up that makes you looks very attractive.

Please this list its base on a personal recommendation and should not be seen as a standard for fashion.


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Here are the 5 fashion and makeup ( Five)

Sanwood Women’s Oversized Short Sleeve

Crewneck Tie Front Bow Chiffon Blouse Tops


This dress gives a first time impression of a classic and stylist personality. It could be worn to special occasion like meetings, party, Birthday and any special event.


Fashion Women’s Solid Color Sexy Slim

Irregular Hem Short Party Dresses -white

The white sexy slim irregular Hem Short Party Dress are best worn to meet someone on a first date or worn when going out with a special person that mean so much to you dearly. It shows all your curves and makes you attractive.

Sweet Sweat Smart Adjustable Unisex Waist

Trainer And Belly Fat Burner- Pink Print

Sweat Smart Adjustable Unisex Waist Trainer is mostly used to train your Tummy against fat Belly. It is helpful to burner out fast easily when on a gem or exercising to keep fit. Your Physical body structure is part of fashion , so keep it shaped through constant exercising.

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Forever 21 Court Shoe – Black

The court shoe is made for women with usually heeled design. A closed toe and wide (non-stiletto) heel have been worn by the very fashion-conscious Lovers, but most still wore by ladies of medium height

Universal Eyebrow Stencil & Concealer Pencil

Make up is not an exception of fashion. Make up brings out the Beauty in You. It gives you that attractive look that make people around you Wow You (LoL). Always do make-up in the early hours of the day and see how people gaze at you while going out for that special Occasion.


Fashion 32pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set –

Bobby Brown Brushes

The Professional a make-up brush is a Make-up accessory that helps clean and evenly distribute your make up at every point in the face. it provide a smooth and clean face when used.


Generic 4Pcs/1Set Women PU Tassels Leather

Bags Handbag Lady Shoulder Bag Tote Purse

The lady Tassels Leather Bag show the worth and class of fashion you are belong. Always go out with a Handbag on all occasion as a lady. It keeps you a professional and attract others to you.

Hope this helps?

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