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Top 10 Business That Move Fast In Nigeria


There are a lot of businesses that move fast in Nigeria. There can be started with small capital

The following are the List of Top 10 Business that move fast in Nigeria

1. Hotel Business

This is probably the coolest money making opportunity in Nigeria. Invest in small scale hotel of just 10 suites and watch as the money flows in. This has nothing to do with tourism boom of any kind; there is just something in Nigerians system that make this business very lucrative – Nigerians are jolly people!


2. Barbing Salon

This business is a fast moving business. You can start with small capital and scale it up to a more professional salon. everyone wants to look good with a nice haircut. Doing this kind of business, you must be skilled in handling Clippers or have someone experienced to work with you.



3. Call centre

Did you know that most of the times you’re calling a company customer service, your call is answered by someone who has never even worked for the company? An outsource call centre has recently become a business that moves fast in Nigeria that is also easily scalable from a home office to a huge call centre.

4. Agriculture

Nigerian are lovers of foods and starting your own agricultural business will be a good move. The variety of things you can do ranges from cassava, palmoil,livestock, fish, and snails to vegetables, fruits, rice, nuts, and even producing flour and other popular food products.


5. Property

Real estate is often thought to be a very expensive business to get into, but it is certainly worth the investment. You can create a real estate property website, where land and house owners can sell their property while they paid for it.


6. Pure water

Water is much more than just one of the fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria – it’s a necessity that every living being needs to exist. Producing and selling pure water to individuals or offices is a business that requires a respectable capital, but it also brings great rewards.

7. Clothing

Making Cloth or selling clothe in Nigeria is a fast moving business,you. Selling ready-made clothes or sewing clothes from scratch as a professional tailor gives you lots of room for growing your business and is one of the steadiest businesses today in Nigeria.

You can sell your clothes on Jumia or WinApay and get people to order it seamlessly

8. Internet services

More and more Nigerians are moving their business Online. There is need to move your business online.You can start selling your goods and service through your website.

Also Launching an internet agency that offers services like website creation, content marketing, search engine optimization, Affiliate Marketing and graphic design can be your way to a successful enterprise.

9. Delivery

Even though Nigerian roads leave a lot to be desired, Nigerians still prefer to use delivery services to transport various goods, from furniture to goods. Many delivery business today makes money, just that it will require you having a good number of client to serve. One way to make it in this industry is to keep to time and follow up on goods booked for delivery. You can also create a website for this business.

10. Food

If you’re not ready to produce food products with an agricultural business, you can make money by starting a fast food business. Sell delicious, high quality food from a fast food joint, truck, or market stall, and become part of the business that will survive any changes in the economy.

This business does not require much capital to start. You just have to locate a good place where people can have access to your food.





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