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Everything You Need To Know About WinApay

Everything You Need To Know About WinApay

Today i will be guiding you on everything you need to know on winApay. Many people repeat same mistake over and over again. so please , i will be pointing out most of the mistake users make and i will be providing solution to it.

Here are the List

  1. Activate your account easily by funding your account using paystack
  2. Learning is fun using winapay. you get point per games, learn from various topics with different writers
  3. You earn point per Questions you answer correctly
  4. Point can be used to take paid games or converted to cash reward
  5. Play at your free convenience
  6. Refer a friend and earn ₦1,000 when they activate their account


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  1. I really like it because it will increase my knowledge and remines me many things av forgotten…. Kudos to developers. But how much will it cost for the registration?

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