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What Business To Start From Home In Nigeria



Today, I want to share with you, some business ideas you can startup from your home, school or office with anything between ₦20,000 – ₦100,000 ($100 – $500).

Starting a business in Nigeria might seems easy mostly when you are starting in a small scale. I will be showing you few business you can start home with little or no capital, but you will need to have a Laptop or smartphone and Data Subscription.


Many people feels they are too big to start small, but if you dont start small mostly if you dont have huge money to go in business, then you will suffer in Poverty. So dont be-little this small business idea  i will be showing you here.


1. Water and Ice Block

You can make money from selling ice block and cold water while in your home. due to the situation of Nigeria power failure, many people hardly get access to cold water and people normally demand it.

If you sell this product you will be making some cash daily.

2. Frying of Groundnut.

Groundnut is a very demanding product in the market. People who buys fruits always lilke buying groundnut. Buy groundnut in large quantity, then fry and pilled them.


The next step is to find a market or someone who sells ground and talk to them , so you can distribute your fried groundnut to sell for you while you reduce the price so it can be affordable by them.

3. Bean Cake Frying
If you want to be rich or financially successful in life, you must take away shyness and pride.

Bean cake, also known as ‘akara’ is no doubt a fast moving consumer item that sell well in any part of Nigeria. If you want to make big money from this, then locate a business area, market or office environment with many offices or companies and set up your bean cake frying business and watch out the result.

Note: package yourself well, be neat, keep your frying pan, fire, etc clean and modern, and watch people beg to give you their hard earned money.

Add something like: fried chicken, gizzard, potato, etc to it and see what happens.

4. ‎Mobile Mini Restaurant: 
Everybody loves to eat, we all are working to eat and live longer….so no matter your class or status in life, you must eat.

Now, you need to cash in on this secret to make some cool cash for yourself and possibly turn it into a big restaurant brand, it’s very possible, all you need is dream, strategies, start and expand!

Wondering how to start this business? You don’t need heaven and earth to start it, just start with your existing cooking utensils; wash them clean, get a gas stove….wake up early, go to market, buy the ingredients, cook, package in a cooler, get your neat and stylish plates and spoons ready, get take away packs in case….buy a wooden bench, like 2 or 3 for a start, now find an office environment where there are companies or corporate offices and go find a corner with your umbrella.

If you can’t cook, partner with a lady or guy that knows how to cook because being able to cook good and tasty food (rice, beans, fried plantain or dodo, vegetable soup, afang soup, egusi soup, etc) is the key to growing fast in this business.

5. Mobile Mini Snack Bar or Spot:

This is similar to the business explained above. The only difference is that you won’t be cooking but rather will rely on snacks; doughnut, meat pie, buttered bread, toasted bread (buy a toaster, get egg mixer too, so u can toast bread for customers on request), get a cooler, ice block, soft drinks (coca cola, sprite, pepsi, malt, viju milk, etc).

This is advanced Mai Shai.

6. Food Stuff Sales:
Like I said earlier, remove shyness and pride if truly you want to make it financially big in life. Most shy and proud people end up broke and needy, if you doubt me, check around you…all those guys and ladies that don’t send anybody and do crazy things to survive always end up popular, influential and of course rich, while the shy ones beg to feed

Back to the topic….food stuff sales…focus on stock fish, dried fish, beans in large scale/small scale depending on your startup capital.

If you do this well, you may end up establishing big food stuff store than you ever imagined….i know people who started small in this but now big and living luxury life like those in entertainment industry.

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7. Hair Salon – ladies and gents:

This business has made so many broke guys and ladies financially independent and still making more.

The most thriving is women salon….if you are a guy and you can lower your pride to learn how to make and fix women’s hair, then you are on your way to stardom and no more spending to get a girlfriend if you are single…lol….because ladies, I mean super pretty ladies will be flocking around you like bees flock around nectar.

All you need is a good location, know your job…be jovial and free, and money will chase after you.

One secret to making money is doing the opposite of what others are doing….break the tradition….defile the rule, how? for instance, if you are a guy, instead of going to learn how to barb and opening a male barber salon, learn how to fix women’s hair and open women hair salon instead‎.

Add manicure and pedicure ‎to this and you are made!

Also….think of adding makeup section….to be handled by guys…

Same way, if you are a lady, instead of learning how to fix women’s hair, go for male barber salon and watch all the guys run to your barber shop just to feel your hands on their big head lol.

But please, make sure you know your job….learn to do a very distinct and lovely job.

8. Blogging and Internet Marketing:

This is self explained….you don’t need much money to start this….don’t take it as a hobby….take it as your business….handle it the way business owners handle their business and success will be yours.

If you need more information on how to get started.

Check here on how to start a blog 

9. Dropshiping:

This topic has been over-emphasized….All you have to do is research a  product to sell and brand or company that sell those product and partner with them. You place their product on your website and as users buy those product, the company ship the product to the person while you get a commission for each sale ,made from your website

10. Transport Business Management:

Transportation business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria if not for bad drivers!

Many people have passive capital they would have loved to invest in transport business, but with the stories of how drivers (bus, taxi, keke, okada) swindle owners who spent their hard earned money to acquire the car, bus, keke, or bike they are driving is enough to discourage people from investing in this business.

Now, every problem in the society creates an avenue to become rich for smart thinkers in that society.

So to cash in on this problem of bad drivers, you can liaise with your church pastor or imam to set up a transport management business, targeting your church members as first clients.

With your pastors or imam’s good reputation, members will most likely invest.

Now, you will need to find a way of hiring only credible drivers with traceable personal information….in case he decides to misbehave.

I will also suggest you recruit drivers from your Church or Mosque….shame won’t let them mess up.

Follow them up on hourly basis….morning, mid-day and evening to ensure all is well with the asset (vehicle, bike or keke).

How you will make money from this?

You will charge every transporter a monthly management fee….the driver will pay to you, and you remit back to the owner of the car, keke or bike, after deducting your own agreed monthly management fee.

Someone I know charge ₦20,000 for keke‎, ₦30,000 for bus (danfo), ₦50,000 for LT bus.

I will suggest that you also insure the asset.

The game here is to get as many vehicles and tricycles (keke) as possible to manage.


No business ever grows big in a day. Starting a business now is better than waiting to have enough money before you start. The business listed here are business you can start while at home.



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