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Quiz Games That Pays you

Quiz Game That Pays

Quiz that pays you
Quiz that pays you


Playing games online can be fun. but it can be more fun when you engage it with something you know. Like everyone  knows one or two areas on either Technology, Sport, Movies, Fashion, Entertainment or even Food recipe.


Am going to be introducing you to a platform that could pay you alot of cash to your bank account. it is actually a passive source of income. It may not be a guarentee youn make money the first day but you surely will make cool cash from it as you progress with this game..


The Name of this platform is winApay

WinApay is an IQ Online gaming Platform that pays you in 5 minutes for testing your IQ knowledge on any categories from Technology, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Fashion/Beauty and Politics/Current Affairs.

One of the amazing fact about it, is the ease of playing the IQ game, the Fun and the knowledge you gain while playing the free version  at no cost. All you just to do is click on the get started button and you will see 10 questions you have to answer and if you get them right,  you win a pay or a prize.

Start your IQ game here for free


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